Here at Release My Mind we have one big important goal. Our goal is to help you to first of all understand Anxiety & perhaps more importantly, learn how to manage it & release you from your struggle. Anxiety & depression is something which is close to our hearts. We, ourselves, have suffered from & battled our way through episodes of both these conditions on many occasions (we still do now) & quite frankly, we're sick of it! So sick in fact that we've decided to do something about it. It's time to change, it's time to release our minds!

Who are we? 

If we were on the X-Factor, there would be sad music playing in the background right now as we begin to talk about our story. Luckily for you, we're not, so you will just have to imagine this in your head. 'We' is Craig & Liam, the 2 co founders. Craig is a Graphic Designer & Liam is a Herbalist.


For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from anxiety & depression. At first I didn't understand this & thought that this was me. I had become a miserable person & that's just the way I was. I've always been shy & I had accepted this as a way of life. I had learned to dread every social situation, any interactions with people & allowed my anxiety to ultimately control me. I tried going to the doctors but this is when I first realised there was a major issue. The worst symptom of my depression & anxiety is that I block everything out as a coping mechanism. I ultimately talk myself out of doing things. This, as I found out, included cancelling appointment after appointment to see my doctor. How can you expect a person to seek help when their main issue is social anxiety? This is what drives me to make a change & I want to help as many people as I can, so they too, can learn how to cope, understand & manager their illness. I'm not about to say 'everyone feels like that' I know they don't! What we have, is different & it's time to change it! Now, where's that happy music...


I have always been fascinated by the way the mind & body works so when I got the chance to study herbal medicine, I jumped right in. I have been a fully qualified herbalist since the age of 19 & continue to study in this field. I suffer from over thinking, stress & anxiety. Knowing about natural medicine has given me the perfect opportunity to develop some of the best formulas to help relieve & combat this as well as developing plans for a healthier mind. We have designed our Release formulas to be used alongside our eBooks & advice on our blog. We hope to help you put plans in place which will help you form new habits & set you on the road to a new, happier & stronger you!
We hope our products help you as much as they have helped us. Please get in touch & let us know your story.